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When you have a regular air conditioning maintenance schedule, you’ll find that your system works much more efficiently. Since some of the parts that are required to make your system run are in a sealed compartment, you should use a professional. This eliminates the possibility of injury or fire due to improper handling. Always know where the circuit breaker for your system is so that it can be turned off when it needs to be serviced. Some general forms of maintenance, such as replacing your air filters, are ones that you can perform yourself. You simply have to make sure that you use the right size.

One necessary part of air conditioning maintenance is cleaning out the evaporator once a year. If you find that the evaporator is situated inside a metal box, don’t attempt to open it. Remove the insulation around accessible evaporators carefully, and unscrew the access plate, making sure you save your screws. A stiff brush can be used to clean the evaporator. Be sure to avoid harming any of the pipes attached to it during the process. The tray located underneath should have a weep hole that allows draining easily. Always replace to access plate and insulation properly.

When you’re doing air conditioning maintenance, pay attention to the outdoor condenser. It’s very easy for different types of debris to interfere with the unit’s airflow. Always make sure that any shrubbery, weeds and grass near at are kept trimmed. You can buy special coil cleaner that is designed to be used on air conditioning condensers. A brush can be used to clean the fins inside the condenser after you’ve removed the outer covering. You want to avoid running water from a hose into the condenser, because you could end up with a lot of mud inside.

These basic air conditioning maintenance procedures are easy for most homeowners to do themselves. However, you should always contact a professional if you’re unsure of how to do anything. Many AC technicians offer special prepaid maintenance plans that you might want to take advantage of. If your system has become damaged or is not functioning properly, you should avoid trying to fix things yourself. Another task that is best left to the professionals is replacing the Freon found in your system. This coolant can be very dangerous for an amateur to work with. You can avoid injury to yourself or damage to your property by letting a professional handle this.

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We hope we can provide you with the tools and knowledge to make your  job and life easier.


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