It’s the height of summer, and air conditioning systems are once again our best friend. Air conditioning helps to cool down indoor spaces by dispersing cold air that leaves you feeling cool and refreshed.

In addition to a cooler house, there are several additional benefits to AC. These include the reduced possibility of asthma attacks, fewer insects and parasites, better sleep, and reduced risk of electronics overheating.

From time to time, AC repairs can be required. For the best AC repair in Sacramento, always choose RM Mechanical. In this blog post, we will highlight five common signs that you need AC repair service.

1. AC Is Blowing Hot Air

A broken compressor or a refrigerant leak may be the cause of your AC system blowing hot air. If your AC is blowing hot or warm air, the first thing you should do is turn off the system and contact our professional and experienced team. Once our team inspects the system and diagnosis the issue, we’ll let you know exactly what will be involved in the repair process.

For the best HVAC unit and air conditioning maintenance in Sacramento, call RM Mechanical.

2. Unusual Sounds

Another clear sign that something is wrong with your AC is when you can hear unusual sounds. It’s completely normal to notice a low sound from the motor, but when there are grating, squealing, or grinding noises from the AC, that’s a sure sign that urgent repairs are required.

The sooner you have this issue diagnosed and repaired, the better for your AC system in the long run.

3. Moisture Around the AC

Leaks or moisture in the vicinity of your AC is another sign that something is wrong. It could be a minor issue, such as a blocked drain tube, which can be easily repaired. On the other hand, it could indicate a refrigerant leak, which required urgent attention.

For the best HVAC contractors in Sacramento, choose RM Mechanical.

4. Increased Energy Bills

If you get an energy bill that is unusually high, it may be related to the efficiency of your AC—regular maintenance services for your AC system that help to keep it working efficiently. As we are the best team for HVAC repair in Sacramento, we’ll advise you on how to keep your energy bills low.

5. Unusual Smells

If you notice an unusual, pungent smell coming from your AC system, it could indicate an issue with the wire insulation. If this has burned, it will need to be replaced. If you notice any unusual smell coming from your AC, from mildew to gun powder, you should contact RM Mechanical, the expert in air conditioning repair in Sacramento.

Reliable AC Repair In Sacramento

Looking for the best HVAC contractors in Sacramento? Then your No. 1 choice is RM Mechanical. We are fully licensed and insured, professionally certified, and available for residential and conditional properties.

During these hot summer months, it is important to have an AC system that is working efficiently. If you are looking for one of the best Sacramento HVAC companies, contact our team today for reliable AC repair in Sacramento. To finish.